For the first time, Pallas’s Fish Eagle has been recorded in Udaipur region. It was sighted on 22 September 2013 and photographed by Mr. Gunvinder Singh, Mr. Vijendra Prakash Parmar and myself. According to veteran birder based in Udaipur, Mr. Sharad Agrawal, this is the first record of this Eagle in Udaipur area.

Pallas's Fish Eagle
Pallas’s Fish Eagle

Image Credit: Mr. Vijendra Prakash Parmar

Pallas’s Fish Eagle also known as Pallas’s Sea Eagle or Band-Tailed Fish Eagle, is a large, brownish sea-eagle. It breeds in Central Asia, between the Caspian Sea and the Yellow Sea, from Kazakhstan and Mongolia to the Himalayas, Bangladesh and northern India. It is partially migratory, with central Asian birds wintering among the southern Asian birds in northern India. ( Source : Wikipedia).

Mr. Sharad Agrawal, had also saw the bird at Ghasa lake, which is aproximately 40KM from Udaipur after his subsequent visit to that area.

It is interesting to find new bird in Udaipur which host many migratory birds.

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