Sitamata Wild Life Sanctuary is in Pratapgarh District of Rajasthan, is a dense forest with 422KM square kilometer. It is approximately 120KM from Udaipur city which is conveniently connected by railway, air from many major cities of India.

Brown Fish Owl
Brown Fish Owl at Sitmata WLS

This Birding tour can be conducted anytime of the year except may be when it rains heavily, from July to August.

This Sitamata WLS birding tour could be customised for one day or two days.

1. One day Sitamata WLS Birding Tour:

During winters, (From November to February), we start from Udaipur at 6:30AM in the morning from Udaipur. During Summer ( March to October), we start at 5:30AM.

We will visit approximately five spots during the day with one hour lunch break. We leave Sitamata Sanctuary by 4:30PM in winters and 6PM during summer.

Vehicle: SUV.
Team Size: 4
Cost of the trip: Rs. 12000 which includes breakfast and lunch, birding guide and one binocular with tripod.

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Two days Sitamata WLS Birding Tour:

First day, we start same way as above #1. But we do not come back to Udaipur the night, and stay at Badi Shadri, which is approximately 5KM from the sanctuary.

Vehicle: SUV
Accommodation: Home stay with bathroom, hot water facility.
Two time lunches, breakfast and one dinner is included along with a birding guide.
Team size: 4
Cost: Rs. 20000/-

Wood Spider
Wood Spider at Sitamata WLS

Birds which are expected to be spotted in Sitamata Wild Life Sanctuary:-
During summers
Raptors like Honey Buzzards, Black Kite, Shikra and Crested Serpent Eagle
Other birds like Indian Pitta, Black Naped Monarch, Tickel’s Blue Flycatcher, Black Hooded Oriole, Barbets, Asian Koel, Stork Billed King Fisher, White Bellied Drongo, Spotted Owls, Brown Fish Owl etc.

During Winters
Various Buntings, Kestrel, Stone chats apart from other resident birds.

We hope, during one day visit, one will spot at least 40 species while during two day birding tour, 50 species could be spotted.

Apart from birds, we hope, flying squirrel could also be spotted.

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