While its very difficult to ascertain which are “top X birding destinations or places in Rajasthan’ or in any state, country for that matter, still, it is good to have a list of birding sites, or bird watching places where some other bird watchers have visited and had been happy about it! Rajasthan is a very large state in wester part of India, which has deserts as well as evergreen forest like Siatamata WLS. But mostly, it has dry deciduous forest and many national parks.

While, it is difficult to rank any place for bird watching in India, still, we would like to present a readymade list of places for bird watching in Rajasthan, India. Some bird watching places are better at some seasons, mostly during winters, but there are also places which offer birding or bird watching opportunities through out the year. Some places may offer only bird watching opportunity while some places may offer bird watching as well as other wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Panther, Sloth Bear etc.

This list is not really a ranking list, but a list bird watching sites in Rajasthan which offers bird watching thrill along with other possible touristic activities!

Ranthambore National Parkk

Ranthamobore national park is is Sawai Madhapur is world famous for its relatively easy sighting of tigers in the wild, spcially during peak summers. But, this national park also provides many birding opportunities, specially if some one ants to enjoy beautiful pea fowl ( Peacock) dance, one should visit this park last week of may, early week of June of the year. Ranthambore Naional Park, at drivable distance from New Delhi ( Capital of India) and Jaipur ( Capital City of Rajasthan State), offers plenty of bird watching with various other beautiful birds during that time like Indian Pitta.

A Bird Watching Report of Ranthambore National Park can be read in the link on the left.

During winters, this national park hosts some migratory birds too.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

In almost every bird watching list of India, or Rajasthan, this sanctuary always feature. But this sanctuary is practically a better birding site for 4/5 months of the year when it hosts many migratory birds. But, during other time also, it hosts many endemic birds which are easy to spot. Specially during breeding seasons of various endemic birds, this bird sanctuary offers excellent bird watching opportunities.

Desert National Park

There are type of birders in the world, one who has seen Great Indian Bustard and the other who has not, as my friend jokingly says! Desert National Park is the place to where there is a possibility to see critically endangered species, Great Indian Bustard. Since this is a critically endangered bird, we advise everyone to be cautious and follow procedures and instructions by Forest Department. Apart from GIB and other birds, this place is also to enjoy authentic culture from Rajasthan, Sand dunes and related touristic activities.
Our team has visited this site many times and a report can be found in this website. Bird Watching in Desert National Park is quite rewarding with many raptors, vultures, coursers etc.

This place is better during winters as the temperature is more tolerable. Khichan is approx 90KM before Desert National Park, which can be combined with Birding at Desert National Park for Demoiselle Cranes.

Udaipur City

Udaipur City in southern Rajasthan require no introduction for tourists, travelers from around the world! But, this city and its nearby areas offer excellent bird watching opportunities throughout the year! While, most birding place offers bird watching opportunities throughout the year, but Udaipur is quite interesting place for birders as well as family of the birder!
It offers excellent scenic beauties, heritage, palace, temple history etc. So Udaipur City can be combined with a vacation anytime of the year with bird watching activity! It hosts many migratory birds during winters, summers and also in between. One can sea elusive White Naped Tit, White Bellied Minivet, Green Munia while stationing or vacationing in Udaipur. One can enjoy luxury of great family vacation as well as bird watching thrill, a combination, which could be ideal for many birders, avid or occasional.

If you are thinking of vacation with family but also want to enjoy your early morning or afternoon bird watching joy, please contact us for bird watching!

Tal Chappar

Tal Chappar is mainly famous for Black Buck and its photographs of these beautiful mammal. But this is also an excellent place during winters to photograph various raptors with kills as well as enjoy their actions! One can hope to photograph Spiny Tailed Lizard in the talon of a raptor or in the beak here! But this place will not offer any other touristic activities except bird watching and blackbuck. Bikaner is a city which is approx 150KM, so most probably, one will have to combine Bikaner and Tal Chapper for both bird watching and a vacation.

Jaipur City

Jaipur City has all the advantages of Udaipur city, except that Udaipur has more birding sites near to it than Jaipur. Not many think Jaipur city as birding destination, but this city also offers many birding opportunities like Jhalana Forest, which offer awesome photo opportunity for Indian Pitta, Indian Hawk Cuckoo during season. Chandlai Lake, Sambhar Lake, an iconic birding site during winters, Sokhliya – a place to see and photograph Lesser Florican are at a driving distance from this city! Nahargarh, a small forested area near to Amer Fort offers birding opportunities as well as very good view of the city!


Kota is famous for coaching institutes in India for various engineering and medical colleges in India. But this is also a city where one can have various bird watching opportunities. Indian Skimmer is specialty and connected with Chambal River near Kota. Mukundara Hill National Park is a good bird watching destination through out the year. Vulture can be found near Rawat Bhata, a nearby place to Kota.

Overall, every corner of Rajasthan offers you excellent bird watching opportunities. If you want to club your family vacation in Rajasthan with your birding or bird photography passion, please contact us!

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