Conservation of Birds is more important than bird photography or bird sighting. So, the top most priority should be not to disturb or destroy bird habitat.

Birding Ethics specific to Rajasthan/Udaipur

1. Most of birding sites are inhabited by poor tribal people who do not speak English ( few speak Hindi). Please respect their privacy and sensitivity and always ask their permission in Hindi before pointing your binocular/camera at their hamlets, houses.

2. Most of the villagers respond to natures call in the morning including their women folk out in the field or open areas near wetlands. So, in the morning, one should be extra careful about privacy of villagers.

3. Many children may ask you to take their photos. They love it, you may take their photos and show them on your camera screen. Do not allow them to touch your camera, birding equipments and firmly refuse so.

4. Rajasthan has few endangered species like Long billed Vulture, please never disturb their nest or when they are eating.

Apart form these, we feel American Birding Association has clearly mentions all birding ethics which is applicable universally. We strongly recommend everyone to read this Birding Ethics once.

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