After many days, we went to Ghansa wet land for birding with Mr. Vijendra Kumar Parma and Mr. Gunvinder Singh, both avid birder and photographers based in Udaipur. This was the beginning of this winter birding season for us! It was interesting as we saw raptors like Steppe Eagle, Palid Harrier this time at the first visit!

Ghasa Wetland
Ghasa Wetland

We went via Eklingji, famous for Ekling ji temple as well as ‘Mirchi Vada’, an Indian snake, in the afternoon at 2:15PM. It was cloudy and drizzled for some time while we reached there. So light was low for my Poor Man’s Birder’s lens Sigma 150-500mm DG OS. There is another road to reach Ghansa Wetland via Khemli. But the approach from Ekling-Nathdwra is better.

Personally, it was very happy to have been able to photograph Indian Long Billed Vulture in Udaipur which I failed last year. Apart from this, I saw and could take a record picture of painted snipe ( both male and female), a first for me!

Here is bird list, we saw at Ghansa in our first visit:-

1. Black Kite
2. Palid Harrier
3. Steppe Eagle
4. Black Winged Stilt
5. BlackTailed Godwit
6. Oriental White Ibis of Black Headed Ibis
7. Grey Heron
8. Long Tailed Shrike
9. Grey Francolin
10. Brown Rock Chat
11. Common Hoopoe
12. White Bellied Drongo

13. Blue Cheeked Bee Eater
14. Green Bee Eater
15. Red Naped Ibis
16. Little Cormorant
17. Yellow Wagtail
18. Greater Caucal or Crow Pheasant
19. Painted Snipe
20. Asian Open Bill Stork
21. Intermediate Egret
22. Cattle Egret
23. Paddy Field Pipit
24. Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark
25. Comb Duck
26. Glossy Ibis
27. White Wagtail
28. Pied Kingfisher
29. Black Drongo

I hope it is a good experience for me and I think this winter birding season has started well!

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