Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan ( yes, Rajasthan does have a hill station) is famous for its Nakki lake and one will find lot of Gujarati tourists in this hill station.

Green Munia
Green Munia

Apart from its ‘cool weather’ in otherwise hot Rajasthan, Mount Abu, which is approximately 170KM from Udaipur, is also famous among birders in India for sighting gren avadavad, a beautiful bird of Estrildidae family.

We went to Mount Abu on 6th July 2014 looking for this beautiful bird and found a flock of approximately 50 birds just outskirts of Mount Abu. Me, Vijendra Prakash Parmar, Dr. Durgesh Sharma, Nirmal Solanki started at 3:45AM in the morning and reached there by approximately 7:15AM.

We were lucky to find aproximately 50 Green Avadavat, or Green Munia foraging on ground just outskirt of mount Abu city. We spent approximately 2 hours watching, observing and photographing these beautiful birds.

Green Avadavat feeds on left-over grains on the ground. We did not find them perching on trees. I think they are accustomed to human presence and allow humans to come closer by crawling!

Apart from Green Avadavat, we also saw, Brown Throated barbet, Yellow Lored Indian Tit, Black Bird etc.

We were happy with sighting of Green Avadavat.

3 thoughts on “Birding at Mount Abu, Rajasthan in July”

  1. Hi Admin,

    I am travelling to Mount Abu, this weekend for birding and herping. I am excited to know that Green Munias have been spotted here. Is it possible for you to share the location details or any other locations where these beauties can be spotted?


  2. Hi Naveen,
    You should visit Oriya village, towards Guru Sikhar. In this Oriya village, there is an open field. There, you wold get to see this beauty. You should reach there by 7AM.

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