We enjoy our birding trips! We try to organise everything for our guests after they arrive in India or our city, so that they enjoy their birding in India without having to worry about any logistics. Here are few feedback from our satisfied birders :-

Uttam Pegu is a very reliable fun person to be with. Even though he forgot to pick me up at the airport on my arrival day, we spend awesome time together heading out for rare birds.
Sometimes I more felt like I was the rare bird,during our travelling in rajasthan which blondies seems to never have travelled…but maybe that was even the additional fun we had, cuz most people considering us both being a foreign couple.
Uttam was very quick finding birds,a skill I yet have to learn and finally showed me a bit how to work with my new Nikon D600 and lens. Still I was much frustrated about my only 200mm zoom,so he was so kind to borrow me his sigma lens for the last 2 days of our birdwatch tour and those photos were quite a success than :-
He was as friendly as my other couchsurfer friends I’ve met in organizing simply anything for me, checking timetables for trains, organizing stays and drivers ,telling me which bird we did see. He did even pay most of my costs in advance, since we were still waiting for payment from my work in India.
I would travel with Uttam any time again, maybe next time we head out to Desert national park to finally find my most wanted GIB’s, so if you’re looking for some Indian men with great knowledge about nature, birds and politics I can only advise you to contact my new friend . Maybe you can help me getting him vegetarian though : – hehe

Kara Sun

Kara Sun, Avid Birder from Germany and International DJ. We went birding in Udaipur, Ranthambore National Park, Shokaliya Grass Land near Nasirabad in Rajasthan, India in First Week of August, 2013. Here is the trip report for this Birding Trip in India.



Uttam Pegu is a great professional and a very knowledge person when is comes to birding! He pays attention to closer details and helps the best way he can to ensure your birding and photography experiences go a notch higher. An amazing, passionate and well learned person …and goes an extra mile making sure you’ve had an experience which will remain forever!

Karthik – Testimonial Indibirding

Karthik, is a birder and passionate bird photographer from IT City of India, Bangalore, India and we went for a full day birding trip on 28 December 2013 to Menar, Mangalwar, Bhinder. It was a wonderful birding trip where we saw more than 80+ bird species.






My husband and I arranged to do a day trip with Uttam while we were in Udaipur. We covered numerous wetland areas around Udaipur and enjoyed seeing many new species. Uttam was a knowledgeable guide and we had a great day and a lot of fun.
The only thing I’d suggest is that you give people a choice of vehicles perhaps and charge more if you rent one. Steve and I were fine with the car you used but many people from the US would want an SUV or newer car to be used and to have working seat belts. If you do I think you can add the price to the cost of the trip.

Mary Krentz and her husband are from California, USA.
Trip Date : 21 Feb 2013, we went to Menar, Bathera as well as Ghasa lake.

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