Whenever one thinks about Srinagar, Dal lake, Shikara boat ride and snow capped mountains afar must come to ones mind. But Srinagar also is a paradise for bird watchers! I was kind of lukcy to visit this beautiful city in december 2021 for a short trip. I ended up experiencing many things where the birding experience at Dachigam National park was the most memorable and exciting for me.

Dachigam National PArk, Srinagar
Dachigam National PArk, Srinagar

I met Deepak and his wife in Srinagar and he suggested me to visit Dachigam NP. He also informed me about various interesting locations where one can see various local birds in and around Srinagar City. I am very grateful to him for various tips, guidance apart from great hospitality from his family!

Spotted Forktail
Spotted Forktail at Dachigam NP

I also contacted my college senior, who now live sin Jammj city, but originally from Srinagar and he was also very helpful in providing various destinations. He also connected me to many bird watchers as well as his friends based in Srinagar.

Dachigam NP is famous for Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Brown bear apart from Hangul ( kashmir Stag). I was not really interested in seeing bears, but interested in seeing playful colourful birds! As it was a short trip, I wanted to take some record photographs of birds.

I ended up seeing the below birds
1. Red-billed Blue Magpie
2. Eurasian Wren
3. Little Forktail
4. Spotted Forktail
6. Brown Dipper
7. Streaked Laughingthrush
8. Black Bulbul
9. White Throated Kingfisher

10. Pied Kingfisher
11. Long tailed Shrike
12. Greenish Warbler
13. Coal Tit
14. Variegated Laughingthrush
15. Common Myna
16. Bartailed Creeper
17. Blue Whistling Thrush
18. Siberian Stonechat
19. Cinereous Tit
20. Black Drongo
21. Black Kite

Best time to visit this Dachigam NP is during Jan-Feb as per local bird guides. But I think one can visit this place anytime of the year. Every month will surprise you with some beautiful bird or animal.

Apart from Dachigam NP, botanial garden is another interesting site for bird watching. The gardens are normally full of people, so one may plan to visit during off-season. Dal lake also get many birds, wuite a large numebr of Eurasian Coots too apart from other winter visitors.

Overall, I think Srinagar is an interesting birding destination apart from being a tourist attraction in India.

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