Mcleodganj, Near Dharamshala in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh is famous for His Holiness Dalai Lama and as a hill station. It is also famous for Tibetan dwellings as well as Gorkha Dwellings.

It is base camp for trekking to Indrahar Pass, Kareri Lake and the amazing Triund Top! Triund Top trek, an easy trek if one uses the Dharamkot road, is very unique trekking destination which can be done in a single day. There is also another route to Triund Top via Bhagsu, which is not easy one.

The trek via Dharamkot goes via forested area where one can see many birds enroute to Triund Top. The Mcleodganj town has circular path that goes round the Tibetan Monastery which is a good birding trek.

Recently, IndiBirding Team explored town areas as well the trek route for bird watching as well as trekking. This place Mcleodganj can be a good birding destination for many Himalayan birds.

In short period of time, we could see many birds which include

1. Verditer Flycatcher
2. Ultra Marine Flycatcher
3. Tree Sparrow
4. Himalayan Bulbul
5. Jungle Babler
6. Himalayan Griffon
7. Yellow Lored Tit
8. Great Tit
9. Black Kite

10. Rofus Bellied Woodpecker
11. Common Kestrel
12. Jungle Crow
13. Laughing Dove
14. White Capped Redstart
15. Oriental White Eye
16. Common Myna
17. Purple Sunbird
18. White Throated Fantail
19. Common tailor Bird
20. Indian Robin
21. Indian Roller
22. Common Iora
23. Ashy Prinia
24. Blue Throated Barbet
25. Rofus treepie

We might have seen some other birds, but we could not take record photographs.

If some one is thinking of going to hill station to escape from the heat of the plains in India, one may surely travel to Mcleodganj for bird watching as well.

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