Continuing our exploration of backwaters of Jaisamand Lake for bird watching, last week on 7th March 2021, we went to Naya Kuan Village, located at backwaters of Jaisamand lake, also known as Dhebar lake. This location seems to be good bird watching spot for both morning and afternoon.

Jaisamand lake
Dhebar Lake or Jaisamand Lake, near Naya Kuan Village

There were many fields where villagers grow wheat and other seasonal crops, for both human and livestock. In the morning hours, the golden colored wheat makes amazing view! This village, Naya Kuan is quite old village which have many houses older than 100 years.

We could see Garganey pair from a close distance and the birds generally seem not very shy of human beings. Most probably, birds are not hunted at this area. When we spoke to villagers, they were mostly vegetarians. Bird Watching in India is interesting as we meet many local people who are easy to approach and are very welcoming.

Here are the list of birds we saw :-

1. Garganey
2. Great Thicknee
3. Lesser Whistling Teal
4. Spot Billed Duck
5. Yellow Eyed babbler
6. Oriental Darter
7. Yellow Wagtail
8. White Wagtail
9. Osprey at distance
10. Grey Herron
11. Purple Heron
12. Eurasian Common Coot
13. Knob Billed Duck, at least 20 numbers
14. Ruff
15. Eurasian Collared Dove
16. Glossy Ibis
17. Red naped Ibis
18. Little Egret
19. Pond Heron
20. Oriental White Ibis

21. White Throated Kingfisher
22. Common Kingfisher
23. Asian Openbil
24. Common Pochard
25. Pied Starling
26. Painted Stork
27. Wooly necked Stork
28. Paddy Field Pipit
29. White Breasted Waterhean
30. Purple Moorhen

While we expected to see some pelicans or flamingos, we could not see any. Hope, we will see them in our next exploration Jaisamand Lake for Bird Watching!

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