Chilika Lake in Odisha brackish water lagoon covering an area of approximately 1100 square kilometer. It is at the mouth of a river called Daya river which flows into Bay of Bengal through it creating an unique marshy wetland ideal for waders and waterfowls!

Mangalajodi Wetland
Mangalajodi Wetland

During winter, no birding tour in India will be complete without visiting Chilika Lake of Odisha which welcomes at least 160 species of Migratory birds from Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Aral Sea and other remote parts of Russia, Kirghiz steppes of Mongolia, Central and southeast Asia, Ladakh and Himalayas.

Our Birding Tour of Chilika Lake starts from New Delhi. We also organise flight and hotel booking from anywhere in the world for birders. We only organise Birding tour from November to first week of March for this Chilika birding circuit.

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The tentative itinerary looks as follows:-

Day 1:
Start from New Delhi/Kolkata/Mumbai for international arrivals and reach Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha. From here, we transfer immediately to Mangalajodi. After checking in Eco tourism camp, we will go for birding in the afternoon.

Mangalajodi Birding
Mangalajodi Birding Tour

Day 2 & 3:

Start early as per sunrise. Birding tour of Northern Sector of Chilika Lake, Mongalajodi, on boats till 11:30AM. Then come back to tourism camp for lunch. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lunch will be provided. Then at 1:30PM, again go back to Northern Sector of Chilika Lake, Mongalajodi wetlands for bird watching, photographing on boat. Birders have options to walk on their own too.
We think that two days are required for sighting 90% of the birds species at Mangalajodi as well as Bird Photography opportunities.
On third day evening, we proceed for Nolbon Bird Sanctuary in the Southern sector of Chilika Lake and check into hotel.

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Day 4 & 5.
Morning starts with birding on boat. Come back to tourism camp for lunch. We expect to spot endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins which are reported to be around 150 in number.
Expect to see many birds like Citirin Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail, Pranticole, Little Cormorant, Black Tailed God wit, Yellow Wattled Lapwing, Red wattled Lapwing, Brahminy Kite, Black Winged Stilt, Red Shank, Collared Pratincole, Jungle Myna, Common Hoopoe and many more!

Day 6th:
Return to Bhubaneswar and visit to Puri. Jagannath Temple and Puri beach attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Then transfer to New Delhi/Kolkata or any other onwards destinations.

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