On 2nd October 2013, I went to Jaisamand Wild Life Santuary, which is approximately 40KM from Udaipur City, with Mr. Vijendra, avid birder and photographer based in Udaipur. We reached there little late in the afternoon and after taking permission from forest officer, we could enter into the sanctuary only at 4PM.

It is well maintained wild life sanctuary where Rajasthan Forest Department is trying to build a eco tourism camp inside the jungle.

Nevertheless, we could see the following birds.

1. Wood shrike
2. Indian Grey Hornbil
3. Shikra Juvenile
4. Common Hawk Cuckoo
5. Black Drongo

6. Indian Robin
7. White Browed Fantail
8. Baya weaver
9. White Breasted Kingfisher
10. Tickel’s Blue Flycatcher
11. Asian Paradise Flycatcher
12. Jungle Babler
13. Cattle Egret

We did not see jungle owlet, Fish Eagle Owl, Crested Serpent Eagle, Indian Golden Oriole, Indian Pitta etc. which are normally found in Jaisamand Wild Life Sanctuary.

But, we saw Neelgai, Chinkara or Indian Gazelle, Indian hare too. There are at least 5 panthers, as per the forest guard who was with us in the trail. Jaisamand Wild Life sanctuary has area of approximately 54 square KM.

I hope to go back there soon in the month of January.

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