The elusive Lesser Floricans, which disappear from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh after breeding in the monsoon, will now be tracked with the help of satellite transmitters. A first-of-its-kind scientific experiment by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) will soon begin in Sonkhliya in Ajmer, where about 200 birds can be spotted at the moment. Initially, only two birds will be fitted with transmitters to trace their migration pattern before they fly off to some unknown destination by September end.

Every year, these birds reach the north-western regions of the country taking advantage of the advancing monsoon to breed and raise families in the grasslands. After chicks are reared by end of September, they return to some ‘unknown areas’ in central-southern India.

According to WII officials, “The proposal is ready and awaiting approval of the union ministry of environment & forests. We are running short of time as the bird migrates locally by September end only to come back the following monsoon.”

Source: Times of India

One thought on “Lesser Floricans to be fitted with satellite transmitters at Shokhaliya, Ajmer”

  1. hi , its realy good to hear that transmeters wd be put in to solve the mystry of migration of these amazing birds.
    i live 20 kms away from sokhliya at bhinai.its an ancestrial property which we hv restored as a heritage hotel 5 rooms.
    am very keen on birds and specialy the florican and bustards and it wd be a pleasure to help or work volentarily for them.
    and wd also be keen to know any other updates on this.
    yashwant bhinai

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