Sitamata Wild Life Sanctuary, named after wife of Legendary Lord Rama, King of Ayodhya in Indian epic Ramayana, is located approximately 120KM from Udaipur city. This sanctuary is in Pratapgarh district which is confluence of three major geographic formations in India, Arawali range, Vindhyanchal Hills and Malwa Plateau.

SItamata Wild Life Sanctuary
SItamata Wild Life Sanctuary

It is dense forest which a motorable road of length aproximately of 42KM which cris-crosses the protected forest area. It is a dense forest with 422KM square KM.

This is a birds paradise though it is not very famous. It has almost 130 species of birds here. Talon Group, a nature photographers group in Udaipur, organised a birding tour to Sitamata Wild Life Sanctuary on 28th April 2013.

How we went ?

We started at 5:30AM in the morning from Udaipur on NH-76 till Vana, just after crossing Singhania University. Then we reached Bhinder and then to Bansi and then to Sitamata Sanctuary. We took almost two hours to reach the sanctuary.

Birds we saw in Sitamata Sanctuary:-

1. Brown Fish Owl
2. Crested Serpent Eagle
3. Shikra
4. Oriental Honey Buzzard
5. Black Headed Oriole
5. Tawny Bellied Babler
6. Monarch Fly Catcher
7. Tickel’s Blue Flycatcher
8. Stork Billed Kingfisher
9. White Breasted Kingfiser
10. Common Kingfisher
11. Jungle Crow
12. White Bellied Drongo
13. Black Drongo
14. Spotted Dove
15. Laughing Dove
16. Great Tit

17. Oriental Robin Magpie
18. Indian Roller
19. Crimsion Headed Barbet
20. Yellow Throated Sparrow
21. Common Wood Shrike
22. Long Tailed Shrike
23. Fantail
24. Common Tailor Bird
25. Indian Robin
26. Rofus Treepie
27. Common Woodpecker
28. Asian Koel ( male and female)
29. Large Jungle Babbler
30. Little Crmorant
31. Pond Heron

We missed Indian Pitta, Flying squirrel which glides itself from one tree to another.

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