During summer holidays, which starts in May in Rajasthan, India, I went to Assam and wanted to explore few places for birding.  As my friend Devajyoti Borah, an wild life photographer, lives in Teok, I decided to visit his place and ask him to show me few birding sites. May is not season for birding in Assam, the state which boats of 839 bird species ( India has total 1300 bird species). I hope to return next birding season, December-January.


So me and Manoj Guswami, another wild life enthusiast, based in Guwahati, went to Teok. Devajyoti took us to a place called Jhanjimukh, where Janji river meets mighty Brahmaputra, the largest male river in India.  It was hot, sunny afternoon.


We did not see many birds, still I was fortunate enough to see the following birds:-


1. Bronze Winged Jacana
2. Purple Moorhen
3. Black belied Tern
4. Black Drongo
5. Asian Koel
6. Brainfever Bird
7. Tree Sparrow
8. Black Kite
9. Common Wood shrike
10. Indian Golden Oriole
11. White breasted Waterhen
12. Common Myna
13. Red whiskered bulbul
14. Spotted Dove
15. Eurasian Collared Dove
16. Asian Pied Starling

This is a place gets thousands of migratory birds during winter, mainly grey lag goose and various water birds.

Here are few pics:-

I hope to visit this place again soon and hope to see many birds here.

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