Mangalajodi Wetlands is situated at the Northern Sector of Chilika lake which, I think, is birders paradise with presence of more than 300,000 birds during winters. I could see more than 60 types of species during my stay their for one full day and another morning.

One can stay at Mangalajodi Eco Tourism Camp which also conducts boat ride for bird watching and photographing them. I was there from 13th Jan 2013 and next day morning. It was my first visit and hope to visit again next year too.

Mangalajodi Wetland
Mangalajodi Wetland

Here are the species I saw there. ( Apart from this list, I witnessed some other but I could not name them or photograph them)

1. Purple Heron
2. Grey Heron
3. Pond Heron
4. Black Pond Heron
5. Whiskered Tern
6. River Tern
7. Rudy Shelduck
8. Northern Pintail
9. Northern Shoveller
10. Pheasant Tailed Jacana
11. Bronze Winged Jacana
12. Cattle Egret
13. Eastern Large Egret
14. White Breasted Kingfisher
15. Common Kingfisher
16. Glossy Ibis
17. Oriental White Ibis
18. Lesser Adjutant Stork
19. Openbilled Stork
20. Swamp hen
21. Purple Swamp Hen
22. Spotted Dove
23. Hoopoe
24. Pipit
25. Warbler
26. Citirin Wagtail
27. Yellow Wagtail
28. Pranticole
29. Little Cormorant
30. Black Tailed God wit
31. Yellow Wattaled Lapwing
32. Red wattled Lapwing
33. Brahminy Kite
34. Black Winged Stilt
35. Red Shank
36. Collared Pratincole
37. Jungle Myna
38. Common Hoopoe
39. Common Moor hen
40. Alvina Godwit
41. Wood sandpiper
42. Marsh Sandpiper
43. Pied Kingfisher
44. Chinese Pond Heron
45. Intermediate Egret
46. Common Snipe

Here are few photographs:

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