IndiBirding Team, Vijendra Prakash Parmar, Varun Lunia, Hitesh Motwani and Devershi Vyas visited Desert National Park, Jaisalmer on on 24-25-26 Jan 2015. Jaisalmer has good train connectivity from major metro cities in India as well as other state capitals. This is one place where one can see elusive and rare Great Indian Bustard known as Godawan in local language, the State bird of Rajasthan.

Cream Coloured Courser
Cream Coloured Courser

Our main aim for visit to Desert National Park was to see Great Indian Bustard and we were lucky to see 2 female on the first day in the park and 2 male’s on other day in the evening, it is very difficult to sight this bird, since it mix with the habitat and keep distance from the human.
On third day we were lucky to see total of 13 GIB , one in a flock of 8 in the morning and other 5 in the day time
it was a great trip.

List of Birds we saw:

1.Great Indian Bustard
2.Cream-coloured courser
3.Eurasian Griffon Vulture
4.Cinereous vulture
5.Egyptian Vulture

6.King Vulture
7.White-eared bulbul
8.Southern grey shrike
9.Siberian stonechat
10.Chestnut-bellied sandgrouse
11.Variable wheatear
12.Laggar falcon
13.Common kestrel
14.Long-legged buzzard
15.House sparrow
16.Common babbler
17.Laughing dove
18.Eurasian collared dove
19.Desert Lark
20.Black-crowned sparrow-lark

Apart from birds, Desert National park is also famous for sighting desert fox! And we saw them well :-

1.Desert Fox
2.Indian Fox
3.Indian desert jird (A Desert Mouse)

It was wonderful trip to Desert Natioanl park. Best time visit the park is from December to February.

4 thoughts on “Birding at Desert National Park, Rajasthan”

  1. Planning a trip to Desert National Park ( via Jaisalmer) between 12 to 16 Th Feb .Interested in Bird Photography.
    The Park area is huge and undefined .Like all such geography, the birds have favourite watering and feeding spots .
    I will be great if any experienced, bird watcher and photographer can help me to identify few such locations inside the DNP.
    Thanks .

    1. Mr Kiriti Sen , Just visit to DNP , sodashari , there will be someone to help you he can come with you as your guide .if any additional help required then please let us know

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