I went to Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary near Guwahati on 14 December 2014 with Deepak Mani Tripathi, Pranab Doley, Boris Doley and Hari Prasad, all avid birder and photographer. We started at around 8AM from Guwahati due to thick fog in the morning and had very poor light throughout the day. The Sun never shone on the day.

Pobitora WLS Birding Team
Pobitora WLS Birding Team

We met Mr. Nipen Deka of Maibong Eco Tourism Resort at the gate of Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary. He had informed us about migratory birds which have arrived. Though it was not suitable day for photography and birding due to very low light and temperature, we could see the the following:-

1. Indian Roller
2. Indian Jackal
3. Asian Water Snake
4. Northern Lapwing
5. Grey headed Lapwing
6. Red Wattled Lapwing
7. Mallard
8. Lesser Adjutant Stork
9. Bronze Winged Jacana
10. Pheasant Tailed Jacana

11. Rudy Shelduck
12. Common Kingfisher
13. White Throated Kingfisher
14. Common Pochard
15. Northern Pintail
16. Northern Shoveller
17. Common Stonechat
18. Green Bee Eater
19. Baybacked Shrike
20. Long tailed Shrike
21. Common Moorhen
22. Purple Moorhen
23. Spotted Dove
24. Lesser Egret
25. River Tern

It was memorable day with Deepak Mani Tripathi and Hari Prasad with lot of discussion about birds at Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary and how it is now becoming a birding destination in Assam. Maibong Eco tourism Resort has also been working with Assam Forest Department in preserving flora and fauna in the forest. Recently, they have put up posters urging visitors/picnic parties not to leave behind plastics, wastes etc.

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