Birders based in Udaipur, Dr. Durgesh Sharma, HOD, Deptt. of Zoology, Govt PG College, Chottorgarh, Mr. Vijendra Prakash Parmar, Mr. Anil Rodgers and Uttam Pegu found Oriental Pratincole in Ghadhel Talab in Ghasa Village, near Udaipur in Rajasthan.

Oriental Pratincole
Oriental Pratincole

Image Credit: Uttam Pegu

They saw this bird Oriental PRatincole on 18 May 2014 which was seen in Udaipur region last in 1980, according to Dr. Satish Sharma, Forest Officer, by Dr. Raja Tehsin. This migratory bird come to Kutch area of Gujrat during winters.

This discovery has excited many bird watchers in Udaipur and hailing this a good news. Udaipur region gets many migratory birds during winters including lesser flamingo, various geese, ducks.

Apart from Oriental Pratincole, the same team has also discovered Indian Courser at same place few days ago. Indian Courser is also not very common in Udaipur area and it was seen after many years.

Birding Experts are saying that this is good sign of improvements of bird habitat in Udaipur region.

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