Vijendra Prakash Parmar of team took Dr. Wolfgang Beisenherz from Germany for Udaipur Birding tour on 23 April 2014. Dr. Wolfgang Beisenherz is an avid birder who has visited India many times, and this time he wanted to see some birds which are endemic to Udaipur.

Udaipur Birding Tour
Udaipur Birding Tour

Vijendra took him to Ubeswar in the morning where they saw Indian Black Bird, which was seen in Udaipur after many years. Later they went to Badi talab where they saw white bellied minivet, very difficult to spot.

Later they went to Jungle Safari park which is beside lake pichola to look for white naped tit, which is endemic to Udaipur.

Then they went to Baghdora Nature Park where they saw Dusky Eagle owl. After that they went to Madar lake and then to Sajjan garh Wild Life Sanctuary.

During this tour, they saw the following birds and animals:-

1 Ashy Prinia
2 Asian Openbill Stork
3 Bank Myna
4 Black Drongo
5 Black Sholdered Kite
6 Brahmini Starling
7 Chestnut-tailed Starling
8 Common Iora (Male/female)
9 Common Kingfisher
10 Common Myna
11 Common Woodshrike
12 Cotton Pygmy Goose
13 Crested Bunting
14 Dusky Eagle-Owl
15 Egiptian Vulture
16 Eurasian Coot
17 Great Stone-curlew
18 Green Bea Eater
19 Grey Frankolin
20 Grey Tit
21 House Sparrow
22 Indian Blackbird
23 Indian Black-lored Tit
24 Indian Silver Bill
25 Jungle Bush Quail
26 Jungle Crow
27 Jungle Owlet
28 Large Egret
29 Laughing Dove
30 Little Cormorant
31 Long Tailed Shrike
32 Oriental Magpie-Robin
33 Oriental White Eye
34 Pheasant-tailed Jacana
35 Pied Starling
36 Plum-headed Parakeet
37 Pond Heron
38 Purple Sun Bird
39 Red Watteled lapwing
40 Redvented Bulbul
41 River Tern
42 Rock Pegion
43 Rose Ring Parakeet
44 Roufus Treepie
45 Rufous-tailed Shrike
46 Shikra
47 Spot Bill Duck
48 Spotted Dove
49 Striated Heron
50 Tawny-bellied Babbler
51 Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher
52 White Brested Kingfisher
53 White-bellied Minivet
54 White-browed Fantail
55 Wire Tailed Swallow
56 Wood Sandpiper
57 Yellow Eyed babler
58 Yellow Throated Sparrow
59 Yellow-eyed Babbler
60 Yellow-footed Green Pigeon

1 Spotted deer(Chital)
2 Crocodiles
3 Rusty-spotted cat(Not Sure)
4 Indian gray mongoose

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  1. We were familiar with many popular facts about this romantic city but were unaware of the birding tours. Your blog has added one more fact of tourist interest which will bring more tourists and naturalist to this location. Thanks for sharing such unique information. Nice efforts keep it up.

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