On 4th Feb 2016, Indibirding.com team went out for educational birding tour around Udaipur city with Lars Johansson, Special Manager, Ramboll and four other students of Department of Architecture School of Design and Environment National Singapore University. It was really very educating experience and it has given us many valuable inputs as well as whole new aspect of birding.

Birding in city area
Birding in city area

We went to lake Pichola at around 2:30 PM. The purpose of the tour was to find out how to design smart cities maintaining bio-diversity where birds and other flora and fauna can also survive. They wanted to see how many birds species are found in and around Udaipur city and how they are surviving. It was really educational for us too.

In Lake Pichola, we explained them about water birds, forest birds, migratory birds that come to Udaipur city during winters. We saw at least 35 species in short span of 2 hours while at lake Pichola. Lars and his students had asked us very interesting questions which made us think a lot and given us whole new dimension about bird habitat, bird survival, sustainability/co-habitation with birds in smart city.

Then we went to Fateh Sagar lake where we could see another 16 bird species as well as some raptors.

In total, we saw more than 50 bird species in 3 less than three hours. That is very healthy number of species which are surviving in the vicinity of Udaipur city. I informed them that, few birds like common myna, rock pigeon, doves like eurasian collared dove, laughing doves are fed by people in the morning at selected location, mostly near temples. Hindus and Jains treat feeding to birds as almost religious duties. Udaipur city has sizeable population of Jains.

There is zoo inside city which is home to many black kites. Black Kites live off the meat provided to caged animals. Along with Black Kites, house crows are also surviving along with them in the zoo area.

Udaipur also has dumping ground which attracts eagles as well as other large vultures, migratory eagles like Steppe Eagle, Griffon Vulture etc.

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  1. Hi – This is Amitava from Kolkata West Bengal. I wish to visit Fateh Sagar/ Pichhola on my way to Jaisalmer from Jaipur on Januaty 8th 207. I gather that migratory bird population in this area has dwindled in recent years . Your update being somewhat reassuring though Will be worth a visit. Can I hope to get your comment before January 4 2017.

  2. I intend to be in Udaipur from Oct 29 to Nov 3. Hope to see some birds there. This is my maiden trip to Udaipur. Any tips would be highly appreciated.

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