I was in Jamnagar for work and staying aproxiately 35KM away from the main city centre. While Jamnagar has a dedicated bird sanctuary named Khijariya Bird Sanctuary which is 12 KM away from city centre, Lakhota Lake is in the heart of the city which hosts many birds! I had a chance to visit this place on 9th March 2013.

We missed Rosy Starling murmuration which is almost regular and supposedly takes place at around 6:25AM or so I was told. We reached little late at 7AM. Gull, both Black Headed and Brown headed, are in abundance and almost domesticated since they come very close to humans I saw many people feeding some food to Gulls.

I saw many Pelicans, both great white pelican and Dalmatian pelican. I saw very few flamingos. Here are the birds I saw there:-

1. Great White Pelican
2. Greater Flamingos
3. Dalmatian Pelican
4. Spotbilled Duck

5. Black Headed Gull
6. Brown Headed Gull
7. Common Coot
8. Northern Shoveler
9. Northern Pintail
10. Black Tailed Godwit
11. Little Ringed Plover
12. Common Kingfiser
13. Grey Heron
14. Indian Cormorant
15. Little Cormorant

Some one told me that he had seen a Mallad, but I could not see any. The highlight of the visit was, a Great White Pelican and Dalmatian Pelican were trying to swallow a very large fish and both of them were moving around the lake trying to do that!

Most probably, 9 March of the year is little late for visiting Lakhota Lake. Next time, I hope to visit Lakhota Lake in January.