Chandlai Lake is approximately 30KM from Jaipur city, Rajasthan on Tonk Road. The road the Chandlai Lake is really good which is four lane national Highway 12. One has to take right turn under the over bridge at Shivdaspura. It is really easy to reach this place from Jaipur and I think it is a good place to spend at least half a day for birding if one is in Jaipur for birding tour.

Chandlai Lake -  Jaipur
Chandlai Lake – Jaipur

It is a big lake which attracts many migratory birds apart from few resident ones. I went alone on 15th December 2013 for birding in the morning. I saw many birds and found Pied Avochet to be in large numbers.

Here is the list of Birds I saw in this Chandlai Lake during my birding trip:-

1. Pied Avochet
2. Pallas’s Gul
3. Ruff
4. Common Teal
5. Brown capped Night Heron
6. Black Winged Stilt
7. Rudy Shelduck
8. Little Ringed Plover
9. White Wagtail
10. Common Red Shank
11. Spotted Red Shank
12. Grey Heron
13. Purple Heron
14. Eurasian Wigeon

15. Spot billed Duck
16. Greater Flamingo
17. Little Grebe
18. Common Coot
19. Purple Moorhen
20. Common Moorhen
21. Green Sandpiper
22. Little Cormorant

I could not spend much time there as I had to come back early due to some official engagements so I hope to go back there soon.

8 thoughts on “Birding at Chandlai Lake, Jaipur”

  1. I went Today only and found most of the species mentioned above specially Greater Flamingoes and more of Stilts n various Ducks also teals and Pied avocets… i’m going again tomorrow 🙂
    Amazing experience…. Must Visit place for photographers….!

  2. Visited on 17.12.16 as also the Barkhera village pond about 4 km away opposite the National Highway 12. Saw River Terns, Black Stilts, a large team of Little Grebes (about 50) swimming in the waters, Prinias, Snipes, Pied Starling on a Babool tree by the water’s edge, a Steppe Gull, many Cormorants, a variety of ducks, Shovelers and numerous Greater Flamingoes. A group of six Bar Headed Geese gave a flypast on the dyke approaching from the Barkhera village side.

    Thereafter visited the Barkhera village pond. Saw about 60-70 Bar Headed Geese sitting in the fields, Brahminy ducks, Coots, Black and White wagtails, Yellow wagtails. White Browed Wagtail, Small and Large Cormorants, Black Winged Stilts, Ruffs and a perfect shaped large Banyan Tree with aerial roots.

  3. I went today around 11.00 Noon, I did not find any birds except Flamingo. I did not find any place to sit for bird watching, although Jheel is very good and I could see the water flowing Canal. This place is just before chandlai village. Please guide me should I go beyond the village. and what is the suitable time.

    1. go in the morning around eight and u will see lots of birds. Unfortunately the government is planning to acquire the land for green field airport.

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