Shokaliya is grassland near Nasirabad, Ajmer in Rajasthan. Its size is supposed to be of 138 square kilometer. There are forest land as well as private land and forest land are not contagious. Shokalya is famous among birders for lesser florican which appear during rainy season from July to September.

Shokaliya Grassland, Nasiarabad
Shokaliya Grassland, Nasiarabad

We went to Shokaliya on 4th August 2013 from Udaipur at 4AM in the morning and reached there at 8AM. Ideally, one should reach there by 6AM in the morning and bird activity starts by that time. We were lucky we saw lesser florican jumping!

Apart from Lesser Florican, we saw the birds listed below:-

1. Indian Eagle Owl
2. White Eyed Buzzard
3. Rofus Fronted Prinia
4. Jungle Bush Quail
5. Rock Bush Quail
6. Grey Francolin
7. Chestnut Bellied Sandgrouse
8. Indian Courser

9. Ashy Crawned Sparrow Lark
10. Yellow Wattled Lapwing
11. Southern Grey Shrike
12. Indian Roller
13. Eurasian Roller
14. Indian Bush lark
15. Black Shouldered Kite
16. Rain Quail
17. Indian Peafowl
18. Jungle Babbler
19. Common Babbler
20. Red Wattled Lapwing
21. Cattle Egret
22. Little Cormorant

We have heard that this place has some Great Indian Bustard too, but they are critically endangered species and we did not see them.

It was good overall birding trip with friends from Udaipur.

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