Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and mostly famous for its Amber Fort, City Palace etc. But Jaipur has also very good birding sites.

Recently, I met great birders based in Jaipur, Mr. Surendra Chouhan and Mr. Raj Chouhan who have been birding in and around Jaipur for last any year. Mr. Raj took me to Jhalana forest on 11 July 2013, which is very near to Jaipur city. And it has been great birding experience for me! I am very thankful to both Mr. Surendra and Mr. Raj.

Jhalana forest in Jaipur is very intersting birding destination. is forest just like Ranthambore National park. I was hoping to see Indian Pitta, but could not sight one. Though I heard their calls. Here is bird list I saw at Jhalana Forest, Jaipur:-

1. Indian Golden Oriole
2. Grey Francolin
3. White Breasted Kingfisher
4. Yellow Throated Sparrow
5. Common Hoopoe
6. Indian Peafowl
7. Common Hawk Cuckoo
8. Grey Backed Shrike
10. Rose Ringed Parakeet
11. Red vented Bulbul

12. Eurasian Collered Dove
13. Spotted Dove
14. Brahminy Starling
15. Asian Paradise Flycatcher
16. Indian Roller

Heard call of Indian Pitta and Iora.
Saw nesting of
1. Indian Golden Oriole
2. Black Drongo
3. Indian Pitta
4. Red Vented Bulbul
5. Asian Paradise Flycatcher
6. White Browed Fantail

Apart from these birds, I also saw Monitor Lizard, spotted deer, Indian rock python, Indian Nilgai. Jhalana forest is also very beautiful forest with hills surrounding it.

3 thoughts on “Birding in Jaipur, Rajasthan”

  1. Good blog.
    You missed out at Grey Nightjar and Sirkeer Cuckoo.
    Try Lake Man Sagar as well where you can see Red Avadavat and Clamorous Reed Warbler beisdes many waders and water birds.
    Best wishes.
    Manoj Kulshreshtha

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