On Saturday 29th June 2013, we, me, Mr. Durgesh Sharma, Anil Rodgers and Mr. Saket Sarupriya went to Aram Pura, Sitamata Wild Life Sanctuary, in order to see Flying Squirrel. Unfortunately, we could not see Flying Squirrel as we arrived little late and they did not come out in the late evening.

To reach Aram Pura from Udaipur, we took right turn from through Menar Village and then proceeded to Bhinder. From Bhinder, we reached Banshi and reached Sitamata Sanctuary. Aram Pura is on the main state Highway only. We stayed a the night at Forest Rest House.

In the morning, we went trekking into jungle of Sitamata WLS and could see Chestnut Headed Starling. After spending approximately 2 hours, we went to Jakham dam on Jakham river via Dhariawad. On Jakham dam, we saw monitor lizard, crested bunting, greater caucal etc. SO here is the bird list:-

1. Asian Brown Flycatcher
2. Ashy Prinia
3. Bay Backed Shrike
4. Black Shouldered Kite
5. Brahminey Starling
6. Brown Stone Chat
7. Bush Quail
8. Cattle Egret
9. Common Myna
10. Common Woodshrike
11. Crested Bunting
12. Crow Pheasant
13. Egyptian Vulture
14. Eurasian Golden Oriole
15. great Tit
16. Green Bee Eater
17. Grey Indian Hornbill
18. Indian Robin
19. Indian Roller
20. Jungle Crow
21. Large Grey Babbler
22. Laughing Dove

23. Lesser Goldenback
24. Little Cormorant
25. Oriental Magpie Robin
26. Oriental White Eye
27. Osprey
28. Pied Cuckoo
29. Red Wattled Lapwing
30. Shikra
31. White Bellied Drongo
32. White Breasted Kingfisher
33. White Breasted Waterhen
34. White Eyed Buzzard
35. White Wagtail

Jakham Dam is good place for picnic. We saw few raptors here. I hope to go back again there during winters.

4 thoughts on “Birding at Sitamata Wild Life Sanctuary, Udaipur”

  1. Hey Uttam,
    I bumped into your amazing collection of photos of birds around Udaipur and could not believe that you could spot and magnificently shoot such diverse spices. I come from the same place and somehow could never ever spot anything like these. Your work is simply superb….. what do you do at Udaipur ? just curious….
    Look forward to communicate more…

  2. Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for dropping by and comments!
    I also work for Telecom Company here in Udaipur.

    Its nice to know that you are from Udaipur too! May be we can go birding together some day!

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