Without wasting any time, let me list the three reasons

1. Udaipur is a Holiday Destination for family

Udaipur, City of Lakes, in Mewar region of Rajasthan is not just a ‘birding destination’, but also a complete holiday destination for family. It has everything one needs to have any type of holiday with family, be it

Udaipur City Palace
Udaipur City Palace

adventure, wild life, shopping, experience of royalty, lakes, hills etc. It has century old place of worships for all major Indian religions, rich and continuing history. So, plan your holiday in this December with family in Udaipur to fulfill your birding passion!

2. All migratory birds arrive by then and many more!

All migratory birds arrive in Udaipur and its surrounding areas by December. And it has an impressive list including majestic raptors like Steppe Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Short Toed Snake Eagle, European Hoby etc. In the waders, Udaipur welcomes Grey lag Goose, bar headed Geese, Northern Pintail, Northern Shovellers, Common Teals, Blue Throat, Greater Flamingos, Pelicans and many others. We have seen Verditer flycatcher, Sirkeer malkoha, Red Brested

Steppe Eagle
Steppe Eagle

Flycatcher, Grey-Headed canary Flycatcher, Ultra Marine Flycatcher, White-Capped Bunting, Grey Necked Bunting, Rudy Shelduck, Greater Corporant and many more resident birds which are easy to spot in December. Udaipur never fails to surprise every year as it receives some rare visitor every year! The best part is, Udaipur normally has clear sky with amazing background ( green and brown) for photography! So, one must visit Udaipur for birding in December!

3. Leopard or Panther Photography

In Udaipur in December, sighting of elusive leopard is a treat! In order to watch Indian leopard in the wild and photograph at the eye-level, one must visit Udaipur in December! To see leopard in the wild itself, one should be

Indian Leopard
Indian Leopard

lucky enough, but then taking breath taking leopard photo with your costly DSLR and Lens, well, visiting Udaipur in December would provide you with real opportunities!

So, get in touch with our travel partner GO UDAIPUR who can provide you with any type of accommodation to fit your budget and comfort along with exciting birding and wild life tour or Contact us!

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